Please read our FAQ’s before sending us a message!

Anytime! Our swim lessons are continuous rather than session based.
Feel free to contact us through email for the desired location. Emails can be found on the homepage of our website! We’ll want to setup an evaluation first to best determine the correct placement for your child!
We’ll adjust your payment to ensure that you’re not overcharged.
Our classes are perpetual, therefore never-ending unless you withdraw from a class or move up a level. We love to see our swimmers complete all levels and move onto our swim team! Current swimmers not continuing to the next month must notify us via email. We require a one week notice of cancellation!
Yes, you’ll need to login to your “Parent Portal” at and search for the new class you’d like. Once you’ve enrolled them in the desired class, email us to remove any undesired class from your account!
We offer make-up classes if a doctor’s note can be provided for the excused day.
We accept cash or check, however you also have the option to input your credit card or bank draft information into your Parent Portal. We process cards manually around the fifth of every month.
We understand that your schedules are constantly changing, if you need to pick a new class, just login to your Parent Portal and enroll in a new class that suits your desired timeframe. Once you’ve done this, email us to remove any undesired class from your account.
Our instructors have lives of their own, which occasionally causes scheduling changes. We understand that different students respond to different teaching styles. We assure you all of our instructors are competent in teaching swim lessons. We want your child to receive the very best instruction for his/her needs.
We recommend your child arrive five minutes early, dressed and ready to go in proper swim attire. This means swimming trunks for boys and appropriate swim attire for girls. Goggles are recommended but not required. If your child has long hair we do recommend a swim cap to keep their hair out of their face and mouth when swimming. Rash guards are welcomed but not required, loose fitting rash guards will only inhibit your child’s learning experience.
Our pool is kept at a closely monitored 88/89 degrees year-around.
Our swim lessons program is about teaching all four strokes required to swim in competitions. Swimmers won’t compete while they are in lessons, once they advance to the swim team then they will have the option to compete.
Students are eligible to tryout for the team once they can demonstrate all four competitive strokes (Butterfly, Backstroke, Breastroke and Freestyle). If you would like a swim team tryout you’ll need to email
Class size depends on the level your child has qualified for. Goldfish classes have a student:teacher ratio of 4:1, Bluefish classes are 5:1 and Preteam classes are 12:1.
No, you will not be charged any fee if you are on a waitlist.
Yes, there is a $25.00 annual administration fee, this fee will be added to your first month’s tuition when you register for a class.
No, our pricing structure takes into account any closures and adjusts the price accordingly.
If a class gets cancelled due to an unforeseen circumstance we will try and offer a make-up class OR provide a class credit on your child’s swim lessons account.